Obviously there was a venereal contact between us but too attractive rather what happened and in fact was accdentally. We both had no intention ever to get in since we knew each other from our childhood.
Nira was then just completed her cause on modeling in fashion from a famous school.

One morning, I was just getting up and sitting on the bed, Mira entered with a sweet Smiley face and sat by me. After sharing greetings between us she placed her proposal that she need now a photo album of herself to get into professional world and I would have to take her off to any fit place for taking her snaps.

Nira is not beautiful enough but she is too attractive at all. Well, with in few days I selected a place some remote and the day to get away withal instructed Nira to take needed things tied of her own uses. Indeed there was no prohibition from her parents to go her a trip with me. image

On the day I rolled we left for the spot carrying baggage. Nira looked very handsome as she weared a sexy dress and I felt jubilant since she was with me in the trip. Having a journey around 350 km. We arrived our destination in the evening and got into the cottage I booked before. It was a dense Forrest we liked ourselves.

Existence of wilds refrained us walking out since dark fell so we passed times gossiping on multi topics sitting on the bed closely together untill late night. Nira was accomodated in next to my room but a common door was opened in between two rooms.

In the next morning we went out with a bag taking needed things in it to the interior woods for our works. There I took many snaps subjected to Nira in various poses, positions, Angeles and costumes. What’s to say, I saw ofttimes Nira in almost nude when she was changing her costumes wearing just inner in the wood but that couldn’t nifluence me at all because my mind was then concentrated in photography.

That day at midnight suddenly I women up from deep sleep hearing a huge sound of thunder and soon got a other sound of Nira, she screamed out loudly. I ran away to her within a second and grabbed her arms asking what happened, when she was sitting curled covering her face with palms.

She replied in a shaky voice “I am scared of that terrible sounds of thunder and I don’t stay here alone anyway. Please take me to your bed”. She grasped around my neck tight. I took her on my arms and laid down in my bed gently. There was then heavy rain going on and she embraced me as I laid down by her.

Hence I think that I don’t need to describe clearly what was happened between us in that situation. We woke up too late in the morning and found our clothes we weaed at last night were scattered on the floor.


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