Fancy £1.2million motorhome has its own supercar garage

(Pic from Volkner Mobil / Caters)

Got a spare £1.2million lying around?

If you do, would you mind lending me some money for all kinds of fun things like rent and weekly therapy sessions?

Alternatively, you could spend that cash on a fancy motorhome.

The 40-foot Volkner Mobil Performance S (bit of a long name, so you can see why we’re just calling it a ‘fancy motorhome’) is a $1.7million (£1.2million) motorhome decked out with not only all the stuff you need to live on a moving vehicle, but also its very own garage.

That garage can fit your weekend drive, whether it’s a Ferrari, a Porsche, a BMW, or a Mercedes. Your high-end car will just be picked up and shifted onboard with an electrohydraulic lift.

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

Because if you’re spending that much cash on a motorhome, you probably don’t want to leave your pricey sports car at home. Why not show off all your wealth in one go, right?

Inside the motorhome it’s just as posh.

There’s a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfy double bed, wooden and leather fittings, state of the art entertainment, and a wall that you can slide out to make things a little roomier.

Beats your nan’s caravan.

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

‘It is a house on wheels,’ says Stephanie Volkner, director of Volkner Mobil GmbH. ‘Our clients normally have big companies. They want to travel freely.

‘They want to decide when they start their journey, where they can go, not before.

‘They look at the weather and start. They want to live in their own, very personal area.

‘Exclusive is for everybody very different. Some need a golden faucet to be exclusive.

‘For me, its exclusive that the interior has harmony and all the materials are of the highest quality and their processing is at the highest level.

‘We have sold more Performance models than we thought to sell altogether.’

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

(Picture: Volkner Mobil / Caters)

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